The Green Chair Makeover


This chair from last weeks style post was one that I found at Goodwill on sale for just $1.99!

20120716_114458 - Copy

I immediately fell in love with the wood detail of the chair (which allowed me to look past the gross actual seat part)

20120716_114515First I removed the seat (this was pretty simple, it was only held on my some old nails that were coming loose anyway)20120716_115038

Add a little primer..20120716_120134 - Copy

Then some colored paint (I almost wanted it to be white, but decided an actual color would be more fun)

20120716_131629 - CopyI pained over it lightly so that some brush strokes could be seen and then sanded in a few places to give it that worn look (because why would someone want it to look new, right?).

I reupholstered the seat using fabric from an old pillowcase I found for 49 cents and voilà! 
20120717_085441 - Copy_1080941


This chair is proof that it doesn’t even always take hard work to transform old pieces! Have you ever re-done a piece like this?

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