My Best Friend’s Wedding


Remember that trio to Maryland a few months ago? It was actually to be in my best friend from high schools wedding. The wedding was gorgeous, all of her pictures turned out beautifully, so I am sharing a few of my favorites 🙂





But really, wait till you scroll…


Kay and I have been friends for 12 years. My family moved right before I started high school, and she was one of the first people I remember really clicking with. From cheer, to homecoming, to car accidents, and getting caught skipping school, pretty much all of my fondest (and not so fond) memories from high school involve this girl. I went to my first party with her, worked my first job with her, we even took some our first college classes together. Even though I moved away and we don’t see each other often, I know that we will always be friends.


From the first time I met Jeff, I have always loved him, and them as a couple. They are one of those couples that, even if you don’t know them, you can see how in love they are (gross, I know). But seriously, one of the most perfect matches I have ever met. One of the first nights we all went out together (I think for a friends birthday), he was talking to us  about her, and he looks up and I hear him say:

“And I’m an American”.

*pause*. ”

Did you just say you’re an American?” – Me

“No, no, no, I said ‘I’m gonna marry her'” – Jeff

I know. Most adorable thing ever, right? I don’t remember if in that moment I truly believed him, or not. But as time went on it wasn’t difficult to see how perfect they were together


How incredible does this look? Would you believe me if I told you basically all of the decorations were DIY? Her mom is amazing with this stuff…



Did you know Paul had awesome moves? No? Well my friends, the proof is below..





Today is their 3 month anniversary (do you do month anniversaries in marriage?). Either way, I figured today would be the perfect day to share some of their beautiful photos. Wishing them a lifetime of happiness and love.