Buttons and Birdcages is Moving!

Hey Everyone!

I have some exciting (and a little sad) news..


is officially moving to a self hosted site:


What does this mean for my wordpress.com followers?

It means I won’t be showing up in your reader anymore 😦

BUT there are ways we can keep in touch…

You can Follow me on Bloglovin’

Like my Facebook page – I’m always updating it with new posts

Follow my blog through email from my new site

or, you can follow me through RSS

Thank you all for an amazing 6 months of blogging here on wordpress.com. I still have access to my reader so I will be able to keep up with all your new posts! I hope we will all still be able to keep in touch 🙂

Have an amazing weekend!



80’s Prom Dress Refashion


Wow – June seriously flew by! Refashion Runway was awesome – I won the summer dress challenge and placed third overall. Thank you all who voted an supported over this past month!

I actually found and refashioned this dress I found at a community yard sale a few months before the competition started. The bows and puffy sleeves have clearly gone out of style but I saw a lot of potential in this one. The color was beautiful and the lace was beautiful and for only $2 I couldn’t pass it up!_1060251 SittingCloseUp

I definitely learned a lot refashioning this. In the past I’ve always shortened dresses from the bottom, but as I looked at the dress, I really liked the fact that it flared out at the end so I actually took some length out of the middle and added an invisible zipper to the skirt!ProcessPic

These are the last of the pictures from our Maryland trip in June. We went to Havre de Grace, my grandparents live there and I spent a lot of time growing up. We had lunch with my mom at Coakley’s (my favorite) and then check out the boardwalk and lighthouse by the Chesapeake Bay.




In other life related news, Paul and I are officially moving in together! After a long (and slightly stressful) search, we agreed on (or, maybe I should say he caved) and committed to a place. We start moving in a couple of weeks (photos to come).

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