Buttons and Birdcages is Moving!

Hey Everyone!

I have some exciting (and a little sad) news..


is officially moving to a self hosted site:


What does this mean for my wordpress.com followers?

It means I won’t be showing up in your reader anymore 😦

BUT there are ways we can keep in touch…

You can Follow me on Bloglovin’

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Follow my blog through email from my new site

or, you can follow me through RSS

Thank you all for an amazing 6 months of blogging here on wordpress.com. I still have access to my reader so I will be able to keep up with all your new posts! I hope we will all still be able to keep in touch 🙂

Have an amazing weekend!



Lace, Paisley, and Sustainability


Anyone who has looked at my blog probably noticed that I wear a lot of H&M. Recently, there has been a lot of buzz around H&M and their sustainability efforts in the fashion world. I don’t know enough about  their efforts to really have an opinion yet, but I do like that they are bringing attention to the not-so sustainable fashion world and are making efforts to (at the very least), appear to be transparent.

If you’re like me, you probably have a hard time keeping up with fashion trends, and finding a way to pay your bills. I try to balance this by purchasing things second hand (hello, Goodwill), refashioning, and donating old clothes. You don’t have to give up fast fashion all together, but you can take small steps that can make a big difference.

If you’re in the market for some totally cute, and ethically made threads, check out these two awesome sites:



_1050369Dress: H&M // Purse: American Rag // Leather Jacket: H&M // Shoes: Thrift // Scarf: Thrift



_1050382Are there other ways you try to be conscious with your fashion purchases/lifestyle? I’d love to hear them!