Dresser Makeover

About a month ago I was taking the trash out and saw this awesome dresser sitting outside by the street. I immediately ran inside to get Paul to ‘come and look at something with me’ (knowing he was going to end up helping me carry it back to the house)

IMG_0002The dresser looked pretty decent on the whole, just needed some cleaning and new drawer bottoms..IMG_0004

Even though the blue was an awesome color, it was faded and chipping off in places (and I have a yellow sewing desk – as a Buckeye it just didn’t seem right to have Michigan colored furniture). We used paint thinner to help take off some of the paint, after a few minutes it started to look like this..IMG_0006It looks like this isn’t the first time someone has given the dresser new life. As we scrapped off the blue, we found a lovely layer of red paint..IMG_0008Paul sanded the rest of the paint off while I scrapped the drawers..IMG_0011A half gallon of paint thinner, and 9 sanding pads later..IMG_0015

One layer of paint down..IMG_0019 We decided to wood stain just the top..IMG_0032

Remember those nasty drawers?


The finished product..IMG_0028Originally this was going to hold my crafting supplies, but after talking it over we decided it would work well in the living room.