About Miche

Some people call me Miche (pronounced Meesch).

Graduate Student.

Travel Enthusiast.

Loves all things vintage.


Have an item you’d like me to style or refashion? For sponsorship information/media kit, email ButtonsAndBirdcages@gmail.com


10 thoughts on “About Miche

  1. Very nice blog! Liked your projects very much! I am following your blog πŸ™‚ Hey, thanks for your like for my post, I shouldn’t forget that I met you and found your awesome blog because of my BSK! Happy blogging!

    • I’m going to school for public health and social work (technically I guess I’m not anymore – I just graduated about a month ago!), so nothing fashion related at all (though I do kinda wish I did go into it)

      • Well you can have a great hobby with it. And the field your going into is in need of great people. I got my undergrad in Apparel Studies and got a masters in Secondary Education. I am currently a Home Economics teacher. So you don’t always end up with the job you thought you would, but as long as you love it nothing else matters. Good luck to you!

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