Ever have that perfect project idea in mind, find the perfect fabric, and then have the results come out not so perfect? That is definitely what happened with this skirt-to-pinafore refashion I attempted a couple of weeks ago. I swear I thought this looked better than it does in the pictures. Looking back, it’s safe to say this is not my finest work..



The straps were too long and the skirt didn’t fit the way I imagined it in my head. I hate the way I styled it (what’s with the shoes – looking at it gives me flashbacks to middle school *shudder* middle school).



I almost didn’t post these at all, but then I started thinking about how being honest on my blog.

I am not perfect, my blog is not perfect, and life is not perfect.

Part of the reason I started Buttons and Birdcages is to have something to look back on one day. I have found that since I’ve started blogging, I do (somewhat) obsess over the photos I post – what I’m wearing, how my hair looks. In a world where we are expected to appear flawless, it’s difficult not to get caught up in that.

But imperfection is a part of life, and thus, will be a part of this blog.



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15 thoughts on “Imperfection

  1. Your creativity is stunning. I must add some width to a very expensive silk shirt and I am looking at your blog for inspirational ideas!

  2. Great post! I personally think you’re being too hard on yourself and the pinafore dress is very very cute. I know what you mean about obsessing over photos of yourself for putting on the blog though, I’m the same – I’m never happy with how I look in photos, and it gets me down – but why should it? I’m probably just being paranoid, and anyway, who wants to be perfect anyway! Far too hard ;). And you always look lovely! x

  3. Imperfection is so refreshing in a world of perfection. It’s more like reality. Thanks for sharing! I think the pinafore is cute, by the way. A little shortening of the straps and you’re all set xoxo

  4. I feel ya. BUT I think your refashion looks GREAT! can the straps be shortened? AND YES, imperfections are part of life. I totally blogged about how I have crappy blog photos and I don’t care, because life is like that!

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