Peck & Peck


More vintage wear! I guess I just can’t get enough. I got this dress about a year ago from a little vintage shop near my house called ‘Flower Child’. The style and colors were so different that I just couldn’t pass it up.


Since doing some research on the designer I wore in my last post, I have started to become very interested in learning more about the people behind the clothes. The designer of this frock is Peck & Peck.


Peck & Peck was a famous New York City ladies’ wear store that sold their own labeled goods. It was established by brothers Edgar Wallace Peck and George Peck in 1888 in New York City. By the late 1920s there were twenty stores and before the company was sold and disbanded in the 1970s it had grown into a chain of 78 stores.


The Vintage Fashion Guild is an amazing site that lists pretty much every old school designer, information on them, AND sample labels so you can estimate when your garment was made. Based on the label on this dress, the vintage fashion guild estimates that it was made in the early 1960’s.


Hoping all my state-side readers have an awesome (and safe) Labor Day weekend!

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4 thoughts on “Peck & Peck

  1. u may be surprised 2 hear that i hav herd of prck n peck.  when i used 2 go 2 balt on the train to go christmas shopping many years ago—that was pre-malls, and the only place u could get big selections was at the huge multi-storied stores in the city.  pppnp was a rather expensive line that was sold in stewart;s–the more classy/expensive of the 4 big dept stores.  there was hecht-may co–later just hecht’s, which was 1 of the 1st anchors at harford mall in bla.  then there were also hutzlers and hocshild (sp) kohn–which wasa also an anchor at hfd mall.  all of those aforementioned  stores were 7 or 8 floors high w/a bargain basement–that’s where u could get leftovers of styles that had incomplete sizes,etc.   just a ltl trivia.   luv ya,   meemaw


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