Vintage Designers + A Refashion


Ok, so, I know what you are probably thinking – ‘Why would she want to refashion that dress – it’s already adorable’, just know, that I totally agree with you! I found this dress last year at a vintage shop near my house and just loved the bright print on it, but, here a year later, I hadn’t worn it once!


About a year ago too, my grandmother gave me this beautiful two piece vintage outfit (another thing I had yet to wear – but I intended to – I swear!). We have no idea who in my family wore this (no one really likes orange). Regardless of color, and style, I really loved the shorts, so I decided I had to do the label justice, and actually wear them..



Orange can be a difficult color to match, I went through my closet probably three times looking for a top to go with it and came up empty. Eventually, I went back and pulled the aforementioned year-old, unworn, vintage shop dress and just knew it had to be chopped..

_1100603Shorts: Vintage // Top: Vintage // Belt: Vintage // Headscarf: Vintage // Bag: Vintage

That’s right, I’m literally wearing all vintage!


The original outfit was two pieces, I didn’t wear the jacket for a couple of reasons:
1. I’m not sure it is really my style, or that I would actually wear it not on the blog
2. When I put the jacket on, it looks like I’m not wearing any pants (see the scandal below).


Spotlight on Vintage Fashion: Bobbie BrooksBB3

After looking at the label, I decided to do a little research on the designer, Bobbie Brooks. The label was founded in 1939 by Maurice Saltzman and Max Reiter in Cleveland, Ohio.  In 1959, it became the first woman’s garment-making company to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange. During the 1960s, Bobbie Brooks was one of the five largest garment manufacturers in the US, with fifteen factories producing 18,000,000 garments a year._1100650

image (1)

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17 thoughts on “Vintage Designers + A Refashion

  1. I don’t think I’ve actually ever seen a truly vintage outfit by a woman other than my grandmother and that’s because all her clothes are actually old. I only see vintage-styled clothing, but it’s really refreshing to see that. Question: How did you decide what length to cut the dress?

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  4. The new top benefits greatly from that wonderful pop of orange, and your belt choice is the perfect balance!

    I giggled over the shot with the jacket on, it made me think of old Star Trek episodes. The girls wore impossibly short dresses with hotpants underneath for when the dress invariably flashed a peak. :o)

  5. Wow, that orange suit is a classic! The name Bobbie Brooks sounds familiar. I may have thrifted a thing or two by that brand in the past. I don’t doubt it was a big deal in it’s day!

    Love your creativity you used to transform this dress. You’ve given it a new life as a shirt! It seems to match perfectly with these shorts. I hope it proves to be versatile from now on! 🙂

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