The Butterfly Exhibit


This is going to be the last in the conservatory series, which seems fitting, because it’s definitely my favorite. The dress is from Bonne Chance Collections, I’ve worn them on the blog before, and I just can’t get enough of their vintage inspired clothes.

We took these pictures at the very end of the day in the butterfly exhibit. I think they have them in most major cities, but if you haven’t been before and ever get the chance, go! It’s amazing. Sometimes it’s hard to actually interact with the butterflies (i.e. hold them), but sometimes you get lucky. Paul and I were definitely lucky this day, we found a friend who stuck with us for several pictures..see if you can spot him below 🙂

_1090919He was ready for his close up..
_1090889In other news, you may have noticed that Buttons and Birdcages has gotten somewhat of a makeover! It is still in progress but I definitely think the changes that have been made already were long overdue!



Dress: Bonne Chance Collections // Clutch: Vintage

_1090974My shoes are from Francesca’s, and his shoes are…stolen from his brother


_1090939And finally, here is a shot of me, being a jerk, and throwing water at my photographer..

image (1)

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14 thoughts on “The Butterfly Exhibit

  1. I had to hop over and check out more of their dresses…serious WANT now goin on. :o)

    Hubby proposed at a butterfly garden much like that (on my birthday no less). Too bad I wasn’t wearing a cute dress like that! :o)

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