Refashioning Circus Wear


Sometimes I find things while thrifting that  I just simply, cannot pass up. This is a perfect example of one of those things, can you believe someone donated this? Ok, yes, at first glance, it looks like a costume for the elephant trainer at the circus, but after a few snips here, and new seams there, it looks like a completely different outfit..


What I did:
Shortened the pants
Removed the half jacket
Took it in on the sides


A little less circus, a little more..sailor? I’m not sure, originally I was going to turn it into a dress (shocking, i know), but I decided to be a little different this time and keep it as shorts. After putting it on, I realized I had actually created a romper – something I never thought I would wear (they just seem really hard to pull off)



Yesterday Paul and I went on a 7 mile bike ride to find new spots to take pictures for the blog (yes, I finally got a new bike!). We mostly stayed on the trail, but when we ventured off a little we found some pretty awesome scenery..


Can you believe this is the first refashion post I’ve done in  a month?! Moving and starting my new job kept me pretty busy but I’m definitely ready to get back into it, expect more and more refashions in the coming weeks 🙂_1100201

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26 thoughts on “Refashioning Circus Wear

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  2. I love this! Thanks for checking out my blog! I was so excited to already have viewers after only one post! I’ll definitely try to be posting consistently. 🙂

  3. I love this on you! So cute and I’m totally jealous! I like the look of the romper (on other people), but I think I’d have to refashion one to get it to look and fit right on me. I’m getting ready to move too (whenever we find a place to move to). I’m trying to keep up with just posting once a week, so I can totally relate.
    I’m looking forward to seeing more of your awesome refashions! 🙂

    • Haha, yeah, I think if I didn’t refashion this I would NEVER wear one. Anyway, why is finding a place to move so difficult? It took us a month of looking basically all day, every day to find a place. Good luck in your search/moving process!

      • Thank you! I’ve been husbandless for over 4 months now during the week. He’s only home on the weekends. Ugh. But yeah, we’re trying to sell our house and find another place simultaneously and it’s proving to be quite difficult!

  4. Gorgeous! Firstly, you totally rock that romper. Second, what a find!! Surely it was from a costume or theatre place? I mean, I can only hope someone didn’t actually wear that original item as part of their day to day ensemble! xoxo

    • Firstly, you are too kind! Thank you so much! Second, I totally found it at Goodwill! BUT I agree with you, I can only hope it was supposed to be a costume (but I really think it was someones daily wear!) ❤

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