Cliché at the Conservatory


I remember crying myself to sleep in 2nd grade because that was the time when everyone started to need glasses – and I, with my 20/20 vision, was left out. This story probably seems pretty random, as I’ve never worn my glasses on the blog before (probably because I rarely actually wear my glasses). Of course, now that I actually need glasses, I don’t want to wear them. However, after basically failing the eye exam at the DMV, I have decided I need to just accept it, and actually wear them (at least when I’m driving).



When I came across this amazing cat in glasses shirt I just couldn’t pass it up. Although cliché, it seemed like as good a time as any to time to reveal my four eyed self to the world..


Shirt: American Rag // Shorts: American Rag // Belt: Thrifted // Glasses: Warby Parker Bag: Fossil


I ordered these glasses about a year ago from Warby Parker, for those of you who are unfamiliar, they are basically the TOMS shoes of glasses – giving a pair for every pair that are purchased. Not only are they an awesome company that gives back, they also don’t gouge the prices on frames either, charging just $95 per pair (lenses included). Ordering is super easy (all you have to do is send a copy of your prescription) AND they even offer free at home try on’s


And, here is a slightly embarrassing photo of me being slightly (and awkwardly) excited about this cat shirt..


image (1)

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18 thoughts on “Cliché at the Conservatory

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  2. I love everything about your outfit! This is definitely one of my favorites of yours (and I’m not just saying that because of that amazing kitty). I think it’s absolutely clever to wear this shirt when showing off your warby parkers! I’m in the process of trying to “accidentally” break mine so I can get a cuter pair. Like you, I never wear them on the blog!

    Side note: I was always jealous of braces until I got them… then it was horrible! xoxo

    • Thank you – I think it’s one of my favorites too! I’m not encouraging you to do this or anything, but I’ve definitely ‘lost’ a pair or two in the past 🙂 As for the braces – pretty sure I remember having braces envy at some point too – lol, how crazy were we?

  3. I love your outfit !
    I love how people look with glasses, but I have 20/20 vision too. So I bought some fake ones haha but I feel kinda silly wearing them since I don’t actually need them. But I just love the glasses look !

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