The Conservatory: Take 2


I’m back with take 2 of the conservatory trip Paul and I took last week. These photos were taken in the ‘rainforest’ section.._1090718

I actually found this dress at a thrift store for $1.99! It was a little big, and way too long but I figured those fixes should be easy enough given that it was already pretty cute to begin with. I wish I had before pictures (they were accidentally deleted from the memory card before I copied them to my computed :/ ).



Life lately has been hectic as always. We finally have all our stuff moved in to the new place and the apartment is almost totally set up. We’ve had a few set backs (mainly a lovely leak in our kitchen, well, several lovely leaks actually), but I’m happy to report that the apartment is completely dry today 🙂




Moving and leaks aside, this has been my first full week of work, which has been really exciting. The past few days have been bittersweet though, because I’m losing several friends to other cities, states, and even one to a different country – athough I’m really excited for them, I’ll also miss them a ton. I guess that’s just part of life post college though – everyone moves on to bigger and better things 🙂


11 thoughts on “The Conservatory: Take 2

  1. good morning michelle. i have a box ready to mail with the vintage stuff, that you may or may not see a use for. the rubbermaid container i thought you may use to sort buttons. hope you and paul are loving your new apt. and are settled in and all leaks have disappeared. take care, xoxoxoxo gm ps need an address to mail too.

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  2. have this box ready to mail but have no address. have fun with what is in the package. thought the plastic box would help sort out buttons. hugs gm

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