Dear Creatures


I am officially back in Ohio and (almost) moved in to the new place! These shots were taken on our patio (yes, we have a patio – I’m so excited I literally don’t know what to do with myself). The dress I’m wearing is from Dear Creatures, a brand whose style I absolutely adore (but can rarely afford). 
_1090316_1090286Dress: Dear Creatures // Belt: Vintage // Shoes: Francesca’s
_1090202It’s pretty amazing the things you find when moving. I thought I lost my favorite coffee mug months ago, but it actually just somehow got placed on the top shelf in one of our cabinets out of my sight (oh the woes of being short). It is with great pleasure that I introduce to you, the chicken mug..
_1090259As you may have noticed as scrolling through this post, I decided to have a little fun this past week with hair color. I’ve wanted to try out Manic Panic for awhile now so I picked some up in ‘Rock and Roll Red’ and gave myself a little panel underneath. For those of you who aren’t diggin’ it (hey mom)- not worries – it’s only temporary 🙂_1090196image (1)

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17 thoughts on “Dear Creatures

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  2. I adore this dress!! Oh my, what a find. The collar, fabric and style are just perfect and it looks just amazing on you! The green belt is a perfect touch too 🙂

  3. Lovely dress, I’m really intrigued by the fabric – are those sun-like motifs embroidered? They look almost like they’ve been embossed somehow.

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