Maxi Dresses and Neon Nails

IMG_0064Maxi dresses are definitely in this season, but I’ve always had a fear that they would make me look short and awkward. I guess I was feelin’ real trendy a couple weeks ago, so I caved, and bought one. It went almost immediately into my closet, never to been seen or heard from again until the move (lack of clothes will do this to you), I pulled it out before leaving for Maryland, and am actually really glad I did..
IMG_0065Another trend I couldn’t resist trying was this whole neon nails thing, my mom wanted us to get mani/pedis so I figured now was as good a time as any. I think the color is really fun and summery (not so sure my mom agrees – she says they’re quite distracting – which I guess is kind of the point.. but I digress)IMG_0071Dress: Old Navy // Shirt: Thrifted // Bag: Thrifted // Shoes: TargetIMG_0060

IMG_0069Being in Maryland sans Paul for the week, I had to recruit a temporary photographer (and by that I mean my sister and her iPhone). The dogs were outside while we were taking pictures, so I have two guest stars this week..Flash, and Dozer 🙂

IMG_0063Flash just couldn’t get enough of the spotlight..

image (1)

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