Out with the old..


Blogging from my apartment for the last time today;  today is moving day. I figured after graduating it was time to upgrade to a place that at least had AC. We’ve already basically moved everything out (except my clothes – that’ll probably take another whole day). I’m just back grabbing some little things and Paul’s family is unpacking stuff in our new place as we speak (oh, hey guys :)). Even though I’m super excited to be moving, it is a little sad to leave an awesome apartment with so many great memories. Before we started moving everything out this morning, I took a few pictures just so I can always remember it..

IMG_0055 IMG_0056IMG_0059




As you can see, I have a ton of stuff, moving it all was pretty crazy – huge shout out and thank you to Paul’s dad, brother, and mom for helping me so I didn’t have to rent a truck or pay movers 🙂


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