The Green Chair Makeover


This chair from last weeks style post was one that I found at Goodwill on sale for just $1.99!

20120716_114458 - Copy

I immediately fell in love with the wood detail of the chair (which allowed me to look past the gross actual seat part)

20120716_114515First I removed the seat (this was pretty simple, it was only held on my some old nails that were coming loose anyway)20120716_115038

Add a little primer..20120716_120134 - Copy

Then some colored paint (I almost wanted it to be white, but decided an actual color would be more fun)

20120716_131629 - CopyI pained over it lightly so that some brush strokes could be seen and then sanded in a few places to give it that worn look (because why would someone want it to look new, right?).

I reupholstered the seat using fabric from an old pillowcase I found for 49 cents and voilà! 
20120717_085441 - Copy_1080941


This chair is proof that it doesn’t even always take hard work to transform old pieces! Have you ever re-done a piece like this?

image (1)

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11 thoughts on “The Green Chair Makeover

  1. love getting your creations, you must have fun watching your challenge grow. are you coming to visit, barbara mentioned you are. not sure of the date, let me know. hope your job is going well. it is hot here but worse inland. we have a slight east breeze which helps. take care and stay in touch. love grandma

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