Refashion Runway Week 1: Stripes


I have been itching to refashion a men’s dress shirt for awhile, when I saw this weeks challenge was stripes I knew it was time to try it out. As a huge fan of pattern mixing, I originally went for a striped shirt and a plaid shirt for this project, but I decided to stick with the theme and go for two stripes shirts.

For those of you who are unfamiliar, Refashion Runway is kinda like Project Runway, except for bloggers, and refashioning. Be sure to check out the competition, and vote (hopefully for me), here


This outfit is actually two pieces, a shirt, and an a-line skirt. I used extra fabric from the arm of one of the shirts to make a headband. Fitting everything correctly was difficult but this was also one of the most fun projects I’ve worked on yet!StripesSquares

_1050701 _1050667_1050661

We went downtown to take pictures, this location is particularly special because it’s where my  awesome roommate, Holly, got engaged to her not quite as awesome, but still pretty awesome man, Bryan._1050651_1050715

Oh hey, there, Mr. Photographer (I have no new jokes..sorry guys)



30 thoughts on “Refashion Runway Week 1: Stripes

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  2. Cute refashion! I tried doing this to a shirt awhile ago with disastrous results, the skirt stuck out in a crazy a line and no amount of stitching could fix it!

    • Awww, thanks! There was definitely a lot of frustration through this process but, all in all, it was definitely fun. If you ever work up the courage to try it again I’d love to see what you come up with!

  3. i think this is my favorite so far, baby cakes!!! i LOVE the skirt and the combo is just adorb. well done!

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