Gatsby Inspiration


A little over a week ago one of my good friends decided to have a Gatsby themed birthday party. Of course, I couldn’t wait to come up with something to wear. After  unsuccessfully scouring stores in search of a dress I decided to just grab something plain and try to jazz it up.


Originally I bought the gold headband to wear in my hair, but after looking at it, I decided it would look better along the neckline so I cut it apart and sewed the pieces on by hand._1050982

I used some extra ribbon I had lying around from an old refashion to make the headband.._1050760_1050835 _1050789-001

It wouldn’t be a Gatsby party without a little guy style..

_1050911 _1050886_1050817

A bunch of us went to the Clippers game dressed in Gasby garb, even though we lost, it was still a really fun time!


19 thoughts on “Gatsby Inspiration

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  3. that must of been pretty cool, love the dress that is sooo cute, and paul looks dapper, would that be the word. aka handsome, when r you gona do something with that one dress? or don’t u like it? 😦 🙂 lol ok looks great love ya

    • Thanks lol! I LOVE that dress and I’m definitely going to re-do it, it’s just that it’s more of a winter dress (long sleeves, thick fabric, dark colors, you know), so I’ll probably save it for cooler weather ❤

  4. Ooh, I love it! Isn’t dressing up in 1920s style is so much fun? I really like how you jazzed up a plain dress, it shows such blogger initiative.

    Also the light is gorgeous on the photo where you’re dipping your feet in the water!

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