Headbands, Buttons, and Refashion Runway


June is off to an awesome start! My friend, Martyna at Spoolish.com offerred to make me a custom necklace, and I was selected to compete in the first ever Refashion Runway! Refashion Runway is basically like an online Project Runway, but for refashioning. The first weeks challenge is stripes, and I was so excited to have been selected yesterday that I may have already completed the challenge.

In other blog related news, I was finally able to figure that whole HTML thing out and get the grab buttons in my sidebar to work 🙂 Check em out ———>


Shirt: Express // Shoes: Thrift // Clutch: H&M // Headband: DIY (Tutorial to come!)


Oh hey there, Mr. Photographer 🙂_1050429_1050455The headband is pretty gaudy so I decided to keep this outfit simple with just a plain white shirt and cuffed jeans. Also, it’s difficult to make this out in the pictures, but I’m wearing a birdcages necklace, meaning for the first time on this blog, I am actually wearing, wait for it, buttons and birdcages

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18 thoughts on “Headbands, Buttons, and Refashion Runway

  1. Just wanted to let you know that you your necklace is packaged and ready to be shipped off in the morning! Not sure how long it’ll take coming from all the way up here, eh.

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