Zion National Park, Utah

Last year over spring break, I went on a road trip with some of my best friends. We flew in/out of Arizona, and in between, we drove to Vegas, up through Utah, and back down through Sedona.

tristatetourOne of my favorite stops we made along the way was Zion National Park in Utah. The drive there from Nevada looked like this..

560364_552253630472_1275790689_n (2)


Where the hike began..


Found these flowersΒ along the way. They still live there, even in the snow πŸ™‚

Looking down at where we came from..522286_552253820092_1280120480_n

and then of course, the requisite warning sign..


Totally worth it though, if you make it all the way up, this will be your view..




12 thoughts on “Zion National Park, Utah

    • I’m so glad I did it recently as opposed to when I was a kid – you’re totally right, things like that are lost when you’re too young to appreciate them. If you ever get the chance, go back! It really is amazing!

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