Copycat Shirt Tutorial

One of my very first projects when I started this blog was trying to recreate a shirt I found on Pinterest. Below is what I came up with..

Bow Dress Comparison V.3 (final)

You can check out the full original post here

I tried to document the process (with my phone, so I apologize in advance for the photo quality). To recreate this you need the following:

  • Thrifted shirt (I recommend buying one thats at least one size bigger as it does become smaller after sewing)
  • A Fashion Zipper (this one was 22″)
  • 1 Yard of Lace
  • Extra fabric for the bow
  • Scissors


1. Start by cutting directly up the center of the back of the shirt (don’t worry if it’s crooked, you’ll fix this later)DSCN0316

2. Fold the cuts under on each side and press with an iron

3. Pin the zipper along the edge of each side from the bottom of the shirt up


4. Unzip the shirt and sew (using a zipper foot) from the bottom up on each side


5. Pin your lace in place on each side


6. Sew the lace down on each sideIMG_3002

After this I just sewed a silk bow on the top. It doesn’t look exactly like the original, but I think it turned out OK.

P1000890 2

In other life/blog related news, my bike was stolen while I was out of town last weekend, hoping whoever took it has given it a good home 😦



24 thoughts on “Copycat Shirt Tutorial

  1. Wow, it’s wonderful to be able to do that! The bow has transformed the top from an ordinary piece of clothing to a chic one!

  2. This looks amazing. you should open an etsy store and sell your creations! is your sewing self taught or did you go attend a course? 😀


    • Thank you! I’ve actually been thinking about opening one up, I’ll definitely keep everyone posted on here! My sewing is mostly self taught (with some occasional help from Google), which I think definitely shows on some of the detail of my work. Maybe a class in my future..

    • Thanks, yeah, it was pretty upsetting because I loved that bike but I just have to tell myself it’s making someone else really happy right now 🙂 I’m in the process of looking for a new one, hopefully it happens sooner than later, the weather is just starting to become really nice out!

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