Mad About Plaid

Blogging from BWI today, it seems like the flights I actually make it to the airport in time to make always get delayed (long story, but I have a history of missing flights). This airport (thankfully) has free wifi, so I figured I’d make good use of my time and write up this post…


I actually found this dress at the same time as the pink one I posted a couple of days ago, it was $6.99, so a little more than I usually pay but I’m glad I did because it turned out really cute!

_1040272 _1040304 _1040279

All I really had to do for this dress was hem it and take up the shoulder straps. I think I might have slightly over hemmed it (it’s definitely on the shorter side), but I’m still pretty happy with out it came out._1040386 _1040388



Unfortunately this delay gets me home 3 hours late, but it was totally worth it because I got to spend the weekend celebrating the upcoming wedding of one of my very best friends 🙂



19 thoughts on “Mad About Plaid

  1. HELLO !!
    I’m Antonio from Italia
    You are very beautiful and sweet 😉
    Wich are the reasons of this message??
    I start collecting photos of friends wearing plaid shirts and i created my own profile on FLICKR’S page in which this passion is better explained.
    What i ask you??
    PHOTOS of you and also other friends wearing as many plaid shirts is possibile ( i prefer men’s button down cotton ones and gingham )
    I will use the photos you will give me only for private collecting use!!
    IF you will authorize me i’ll add them to my own page of FLICKR.
    I HOPE YOU HELP ME and more that you not consider my asking as disturb or a bad and wrong thing 😉
    that is my FLICKR’s page :

    and my mail for photos:

    kisses and CIAO CIAO
    from ITALIA
    un bacio

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