Not Quite Pretty in Pink..


I don’t typically wear a lot of pink, but after finding this dress at Goodwill for $4.99, I couldn’t pass it up The fabric seemed easy to sew and the dress actually fit really well so I knew it would be an easy transformation.

After looking over it a little more, I decided even after altering, it would probably be really plain so I bought 2 yards of cream colored lace to play around with.


What I did:
Removed the shoulder pads
Removed sleeves
Added Lace





PinkDressBAAlso, this is what I would look like as a zombie, in case any of you were wondering..



24 thoughts on “Not Quite Pretty in Pink..

  1. Looks awesome! Very cute. I spit out some of my coffee at the zombie photo..was not expecting it. Your photos are all very nice by the way, are you lucky enough to have someone photograph you or is that just a mighty talented tripod? Cheers

  2. adorable (though i want to see a close up on the lace work). you look great in pink and should wear more of it!

    • Aww, thank you so much! I should have gotten more close ups but I just checked the folder and dont have many (so silly of me – its like the main part of the transformation), I added one where you can see the lace on the bottom but I’m not sure of how clear it is :/

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