Montaña de Luz

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While on my trip I was fortunate enough to visit the incredible Montaña de Luz. Montaña de Luz (MdL) is a non-profit organization that provides hope for children affected by HIV/AIDS in Honduras. One of my best friends took a position as the in-country director almost a year ago so I was excited to see the work she had been doing.

IMG_2574 DSCN0270 DSCN0271

This trip was particularly special to me because most of my work experience is within the HIV/AIDS arena (on the prevention side), and for the past nearly two years I have worked with children at a local hospital. Not knowing what to expect when I got there I have to say it far surpassed my expectations. The staff are amazing and truly dedicated to the children. The children are friendly, and patient with those whose Spanish is, shall we say, less than perfect (aka Me).



When most people think of orphanages, often times their minds immediately go to a place of  darkness, a place where children are robbed of everything childhood represents. MdL is anything but that. Montaña de Luz means mountain of light, and it really is light for these children. Staff and donors work hard to provide nutritious food, proper medical care, and educational opportunities to their children. IMG_2595

Though I was only able to spend a few days there I can truly say it was a life changing experience, and I hope to be able to go back very soon 🙂

DSCN0273For more information on the organization or ways to donate/get involved check out their website here.


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