Bonne Chance Collections




These gals actually found me on Twitter, and I am so glad they did because that is how I discovered them. They have an adorable online store. Filled with vintage inspired dresses, skirts, and tops. I think this dress is my favorite, but I would wear pretty much everything they sell.


My grandmother actually found the clutch in these photos when she was going through old things, I think she said it probably belonged to my mom, or my aunt in the 70’s. Either way, I’m completely in love with it..0a8909b1-9f95-4ad6-8d50-e6bd3ddcc352 9fbe059f-38e0-4ed4-bcc6-e044f5eca258

Dress: Bonne Chance Collections // Shoes: Francesca’s // Clutch: Vintage

Paul was experimenting with a new camera lens he had just bought, I don’t think he is crazy about how they turned out but I love them (even if he didn’t tell me about that leaf in my hair the whole time…)




9 thoughts on “Bonne Chance Collections

  1. I love the dress, especially the brown spotted fabric, I have one similar but it’s slightly too formal so I don’t get to wear it much.

    I haven’t got my boyfriend to photograph a proper shoot yet, but I think when he does he’ll be just as much a perfectionist about the photos as your boyfriend was!

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