Springtime and Polka Dots


Found these pants at Madewell a little over a month ago and decided this was as good an opportunity as ever to start (trying) pattern mixing. They hung out in my closet for a couple of weeks before we finally had a nice spring day. So I dusted them off and headed out for some disc golfing (warning: I do NOT recommend wearing anything like this for disc golfing – it’s..somewhat less than ideal)P1010927 P1010949

P1010918 P1010967 P1010976 P1020001

Pants: Madewell // Shirt: Forever // Clutch: H&M // Glasses: Thrifted // Headband: American Apparel // Shoes: TJ Maxx P1010932 P1020009

Lessons Learned From the day:
1. Don’t try to dress cute while disc golfing
2. Disc golfing is not my forte

Fortunately, Paul was able to capture one of the few times I was able to actually get the Frisbee in the basket..P1010889


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