San Ignacio, Belize and the ATM Cave

After leaving Caye Caulker, we took a bus to our next destination: San Ignacio


We stayed at the Tropicool Hostel (warning: looks scary)

Conveniently Located
Friendly staff

Springy mattresses
Looks a little run down


San Ignacio was OK, the real reason we stayed here was because it was really close to the ATM Caves! This incredible cave was actually a sacred place to the Maya people. Only leaders were allowed in the caves, where they performed ceremonies for the gods. More on the history of the ATM cave can be found here.

Our tour started here..


Cameras aren’t allowed in the ATM caves, so the pictures below are borrowed from Google Images:

After about a 45 minute hike through the jungle we came to the cave. We literally swam into this cave…

View from the inside..517660221_53f9bb675d_z

The cave was filled with Mayan artifacts, and pottery that are literally thousands of years old!644306_10102015688760410_709672795_n

And Skeletons. Yes, human skeletons..ATM-Cave-Belize1This tour was seriously incredible. I couldn’t believe we were able to get so close to the artifacts (you would never be able to do that in the US). It was one of the more expensive tours I’ve been on ($95 USD), but totally worth it for an entire day of hiking and caving. 


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