Sunday Refashion

Side by Side (B&A)

Sometimes thrifting can get a little frustrating – so many clothes, so few of them actually fit or are even close to being stylish. As I was flipping through the racks a couple of weeks ago I found this dress:



Even though it was completely hideous and too big, something about it caught my eye, and for $3.99 I figured why not.

After a couple of weeks (when I finally found time) I was able to work on this dress, the following alterations were made:

  • Hemmed (cut about 6 inches off)
  • Taken in (on the sides)
  • Sleeves shortened
  • Pointed tips of collar removed
  • Removed the flower in the center of the dress

An hour and a half later and Voilà




I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. My biggest regret is I didn’t take a picture with it on before I started cutting it up :/ Oh well, lessons learned for next time

Dress: Thrift
Earrings: Thrift
Shoes: UrbanOG (Similar)
Belt: Vintage

I can’t take all the credit though, I had help from my amazing..assistant (who, surprisingly, was pretty  good at hemming)



24 thoughts on “Sunday Refashion

  1. Seriously that is such an awesome transformation! From grandma nightgown to young and fresh day dress. Nice work!

  2. Glad it caught your eye– you paid $3.99, and I’m sure there are tons of people paying $52.99 for something similar on Modcloth!

    It looks great, and paired with the green belt– perfect for spring. It’d be darling in the winter with chunky cream tights and a great pair of brown boots…

    • Thank you! I did not dye it, no :/ the before picture was taken with a different (less fancy) camera and it ended up making the dress look really washed out. Definitely will be taking more before pictures with a nicer camera from now on though.

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